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I help brands meet web accessibility standards so disabled users can also use your website.

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Selected clients:

  • apple
  • GOV.UK
  • London Sperm Bank
  • Trainline
  • the National Lottery
  • the White Company

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Hey! I'm an independent, freelancer specialising in website accessibility

I help companies translate bespoke, beautiful designs into accessible websites. Remediate accessibility bugs from audits and consult on designs. I work with Designers, Project Managers, Content and other Developers.

I strive to improve and meet accessibility standards, so more people can use your website.

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Getting more technical

I'm an independent User Experience (UX) Developer practicing mobile-first, WCAG 2.2 AA accessible, cross browser, responsive, device agnostic, semantic, W3C compliant, optimised, progressively enhanced frontend that always puts the user first.

I'm sometimes called a Frontend Developer, UI Developer, Frontend Engineer or even UX Engineer.

I help teams and companies translate designs or improve their Frontend UI using a variety of frameworks, web technologies and techniques. I'm a big advocate of Design Systems, their creation, adoption, and integration into an organisation.

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